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To build a happy and beautiful new Gansu

Gansu Culture Travel Group Party secretary, chairman Shi Peiwen

On June 20, 2019, on the shore of the Yellow River, Gansu Cultural Tourism Industry Group Co., LTD., a new group in the field of Gansu Cultural tourism industry, was established。Bathed in the sunrise of the new era, taking advantage of the country's vigorous development of cultural tourism industry and the rise of green development in Gansu, and shouldering the responsibility and mission of coordinating the integration, coordinated development and investment and financing development of cultural tourism resources in the province, Gansu Cultural Tourism Industry Group came into being and embarked on a new journey。

As the tertiary industry model, the development of the cultural travel industry is of great significance to promoting the development upgrading and structural transformation of the whole national economy。Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee and The State Council have attached great importance to the development of the cultural tourism industry。习近平总书记2019年8月再次视察甘肃时,Made "to take advantage of unique cultural and natural heritage.,To coordinate the protection and development of tourism resources,Improve tourism facilities and basic services,Magnify the comprehensive effect of cultural tourism",It points out the way forward for accelerating the integrated development of cultural tourism industry in Gansu,Injected a powerful impetus。

Gansu is a magical place, a fertile and hot land that has been nurtured and nourished by a splendid civilization of eight thousand years。A long and profound history and culture,Gorgeous natural scenery,Rich and colorful ethnic customs,Precious and rich red resources,The glorious fruits of modern civilization,These have become a growing number of domestic and foreign tourists hot landscape,It has become a unique resource advantage for the development of cultural tourism industry in Gansu,In recent years,Tourism "northwest wind" blows hard。

In the "east wind" of the western development strategy, the Belt and Road Initiative and the formation of a new pattern of western development in the new era, Gansu has many opportunities and good superposition。In recent years,The Party Committee and provincial government of Gansu Province regard the development of cultural tourism industry and the construction of a strong cultural tourism province as an important measure for the green development and rise of Gansu,Cultural tourism is regarded as the first industry among the ten ecological industries in Gansu Province,It is planned and promoted as a strategic support for cultivating new growth drivers and achieving high-quality development,A series of industrial policies have been introduced。Promoting the implementation of policies is the primary mission of Gansu Cultural Tourism Group。

Tourism enterprises are the core of modern tourism industry system and the strong support to promote tourism。As a province with large cultural tourism resources, it has always been the common expectation of the whole province to transform its unique cultural tourism resources advantages into industrial advantages and economic advantages, and realize the leap from a large resource province to an economically strong province。In order to achieve this goal, there must be a competitive market main body to docking, driving the province's cultural tourism to speed up to become a strategic pillar industry。Gansu Cultural tourism Industry Group was established,It is the provincial Party committee and the provincial government that implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the new development concept,Integrate and coordinate provincial superior resources,Scientific layout and strong promotion of the ten ecological industries, to promote the professional restructuring of state-owned capital,We will foster and strengthen market players,Strive to build a flagship cultural tourism enterprise,Give play to the leading role of leading enterprises,An important measure to accelerate the province's green rise。

Group since its inception,Under the care and attention of the main leaders of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government,Under the care and support of the responsible leader,Under the guidance and assistance of relevant departments,The group leadership team leads all staff,Active act,Be grateful and forge ahead,Get up early and take the lead,In promoting policy landing,A lot of preliminary work has been done in terms of strategic coordination and resource coordination,It is being implemented step by step。Based on the group's main business characteristics and cultural tourism development trend,Sorted out the group's business segments,From the dimensions of "smart tourism platform business, cultural tourism + investors, cultural tourism content providers, cultural tourism operators", the cultural tourism ecosystem of Gansu Cultural Tourism Group has been constructed,Four business segments were identified,Namely, intelligent cultural tourism, cultural tourism investment, development and construction, cultural tourism operation,Further clarify the group company's development ideas。The layout has set up 19 subsidiaries, and the industrial ecological chain of the group has been continuously improved。Adhering to the principle of cooperation, sharing, mutual benefit and win-win, the Group strives to build a strategic platform to serve the development of Gansu cultural tourism industry, attract foreign wisdom, use foreign capital and borrow external forces, accelerate the pace of "mixed reform", absorb investment from all parties, gather wisdom from all sides, gather talents from all over the world, and jointly build a flagship enterprise for the development of Gansu cultural tourism industry。

Project construction is the core of cultural tourism industry。Since its establishment, the group has accelerated project construction in accordance with the echelon development ideas of "building a batch, promoting a batch, inspecting a batch, and reserving a batch"。The "Two Mountains" practical innovation base project of Gulangba Bubu Sha has started construction,Qingyang Maosi Village beautiful village "model village" project and "stunning Dunhuang night" project are being accelerated,这3个项目都是落实习总书记视察甘肃重要讲话精神,Focus on national strategy,Pay close attention to the new development trend of cultural and tourism industry after the epidemic,Efforts to create Gansu cultural tourism boutique project。At the same time, the group company focused on the "Big Dunhuang cultural tourism circle", Yuzhong Ecological Innovation City, global tourism development, etc., accelerated the industrial layout, actively planned the Zhangye Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon a batch of tourism projects, and started the implementation step by step。

With the party "do not forget the original heart,Bearing in mind the mission "theme education was born in Gansu Cultural Tourism Group,Adhere to cultural guidance and values,Ideology and corporate culture construction should be closely combined,Rooted in the party building culture and excellent traditional culture,Refining and determining "Huiju cultural greatness.,Sing Gansu "group mission,"We share weal and woe,"The end of the line" core values of the group,The group spirit of "creation, humanism and integration",And the group vision of "creating a world-class modern cultural tourism group" and other corporate culture system。At the same time, the group launched a full staff to carry out corporate culture and reform and development study and discussion, to further deepen employees' understanding and cognition of corporate culture, truly internalized in the heart, externalized in the form, and focused on cultivating the group's core competitiveness and cultural soft power。

In the same type of industrial groups in the country, Gansu Cultural Tourism Group is a late establishment, but it can precisely use the advantages of late development, learn from and learn from the advanced experience and practices of other regions, and avoid the detours of others。We live in great times,A time of opportunities and challenges,A time for a better tomorrow,Standing on a new starting point,We will maintain our strategic focus,Keep the original heart, take good mission,We will resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, The State Council and provincial Party committees and governments,Follow the Group's "three-step" development plan,Go forward boldly。We sincerely invite all cultural and tourism enterprises and capital to invest and develop in Gansu, and make due contributions to creating a new situation of enriching people and Xinglong, building a happy and beautiful new Gansu, and creating greater brilliance for enterprises!

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