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Weihe river source speed | tourists lost items, the scenic spot up and down linkage 15 minutes perfect return!

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827Gansu Cultural Tourism Group Weiheyuan scenic area battery car stop received from the tourist Mr. Wang sent a banner。


It is understood that826Mr. Wang, a tourist with his family, drove to the Weihe River scenic area to play. On the way to the toilet, he accidentally lost the bag he carried with him (the bag contains various documents, mobile phones and a lot of cash) in the scenic spot"Lost" when it had already left the scenic area。After the scenic spot learned of this situation, the staff on the one hand actively pacify the tourists' emotions, driving the battery car with the tourists to look for it along the way, and immediately contact the public toilet cleaners in the scenic spot to find it。Finally found Mr. Wang's bag on the rest chair of the battery car stop in the scenic spot, and checked the money and items in the bag were not lost。


A bright red flag is the tourists' full affirmation of the work of the scenic spot, a sincere thanks, and the inexhaustible motivation of all the staff。In the future work, Gansu Cultural Tourism Group Weihe River Source scenic spot will always adhere toThe service concept of "all for tourists" strengthens the sense of responsibility and active service consciousness of scenic spot staff, and wholeheartedly provides better services for tourists。

With the beginning of the tourism boom in our province this summer, Weihe River Source scenic area has also ushered in a large number of tourists, once again remind the majority of tourists to enjoy the beauty of the tour at the same time, must pay attention to take care of their personal belongings, so as not to lose。In case you accidentally lose the item, please contact the scenic spot for the first time to help find。

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