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Prepare for the Double Section Hotel Group on the move

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Coincided with the "Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day" double festival, in order to effectively do a good job in the safety of the last ultra-long "Golden Week" holiday in 2023, the hotel Group recently held the project hotel work promotion meeting, the meeting conveyed the safety Committee of Gansu Cultural Tourism Group in 2023 the fourth plenary (expanded) meetingArranged and deployed the two-section operation work of the hotel。


Lanzhou hotelSafety inspection before Action Day

Lanzhou Hotel to strengthen the maintenance of old facilities and equipment, "should be repaired", regular investigation of safety hazards, prevent leakage and other risks, from the source to control, prevent and reduce safety accidents。In the case of insufficient hardware advantages, highlight the "soft advantage" and personalized service, and explore new growth points and open up new paths for the survival and development of hotels。

Zhangye Danxia photography hotel in the action before the major maintenance of facilities and equipment

摄影The hotel conducted a detailed investigation of the internal hardware and software facilities, public reception facilities, hotel circuits and waterways,Discover the problem points that have potential security risks,Responsibility to the person to set up action to set up reform;Damaged facilities outside the hotel,Urgently coordinate Lanzhou Municipal Group to carry out emergency repair on the hardened road surface and damaged road bricks outside the hotel,Hotel staff also take the initiative to become "gardeners",Maintain and trim the greenery in the exterior green belt of the hotel,Weed out,Clean up the rubbish,Organize employees to carry out "health competition.,Skills training "activities,Greatly improved the internal and external environment of the hotel。Photography hotel abandon the idea of relying on such things, stimulate internal motivation, take the initiative to solve problems, and prepare for the "double section" golden week。





Lianyungang Ruyi Yun Hotel in the action before the marketing strategy big adjustment

Ruyi Yunjing Hotel LianyungangTake the diversified market as the carrier to do a good job in marketing,Do a good job of hotel online, offline, multimedia and other intensive publicity and promotion,According to revenue plan,Launch OTA promotions and OTA price prepayments,Keep an eye on hotel traffic and competitive hotel rates,Adjust the price at any time,To meet the needs of different levels of customers,Ensure the hotel's revenue reaches a new high during the holiday season。The hotel organizes staff to train the public security system registration system, check whether the public security system upload is consistent with the hotel PMS, and effectively ensure the hotel's "double festival" golden Week reception work is safe, smooth, standardized and warm。

The hotels of the hotel Group will always maintain a rigorous attitude, adequate preparation, and work hard to create a safe, comfortable and festive festive atmosphere, and create a safe, comfortable and pleasant accommodation and dining environment for guests。

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