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Five high-level talents from Lanzhou Municipal Construction Group won the "Longyuan Talent Service Card"

来源: 2023-08-31 点击:

Recently, Lanzhou Municipal Construction Group Liu Mingliang, Cheng Qianhong, Tuo Weimin, Zhang Zhaoxin, Song Baoping5 high-level talents won the "Longyuan Talent Service Card"。At this point, Lanzhou Municipal Construction Group holds the "Longyuan Talent Service Card" issued by the provincial Party Committee talent work leading Group Office, a total of 7 high-level talents。


In order to effectively improve the level of talent service security and optimize the environment for talent development, Lanzhou Municipal Construction Group earnestly implements the"The "Longyuan Talent Service Card" system implementation Measures, the "Longyuan talent service card" recommendation, application, and issuance as an important embodiment of the attention to high-level talents, and continue to improve the efficiency of talent service guarantee。

The "Longyuan Talent Service Card" system is an important measure for our province to further promote the strategy of talent strengthening province, increase the introduction of high-level talents, and provide more sophisticated, high-quality and efficient services for high-level talents。The system provides practical and effective service guarantee measures for various high-level talents in the province from 12 aspects such as household registration, social security and medical insurance, and tax policies, effectively solves the worries of high-level talents, and creates a good social atmosphere of respect for labor, respect for knowledge, respect for talents, and respect for creation。

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