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Hu Changsheng stressed at the mobilization and deployment meeting of the province's "three catches and three promotion" action: Work hard in learning, riveting full strength in implementation, see the truth in efficiency, unite and struggle to create a new situation in the practice of Chinese-style modern Gansu

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  On February 13, the province's "three grasp and three promote" action mobilization and deployment meeting was held in Lanzhou, and Hu Changsheng, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and leader of the provincial "three grasp and three promote" action leading group, attended and spoke。New Gansu Gansu Daily reporter Gao Qiang

  New Gansu client Lanzhou February 13 news(New Gansu · Gansu Daily reporter Zhang Fugui Jin Xin) The province's "grasp learning to promote improvement, grasp implementation, grasp efficiency to promote development" action mobilization and deployment meeting was held in Lanzhou today, and Hu Changsheng, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and leader of the provincial "three grasp three Promote" action leading group, attended and spoke。He stresses,要深入贯彻落实党的二十大精神和习近平总书记对甘肃重要讲话重要指示批示精神,Clear goals, focus on the key points, and focus on the problem,We made solid progress in carrying out the "three arrests and three promotion" campaign,Work hard in learning, rivet full strength in execution, and see the truth in efficiency,Promote the formation of a strong atmosphere of catching up, grasping and implementing, and striving to advance,To guide and urge all local departments and the majority of Party members and cadres to do their utmost to carry out the cause, indomitable leap forward,Strive to create a new situation in the province's modernization。

  Ren Zhenhe, governor and leader of the provincial "three catches and three promotion" action leading group, chaired the meeting。Zhuang Guotai, Zhu Tianshu, Cheng Xiaobo, Sun Xuetao, Liu Changgen, Zhang Jingang, Zhang Wei and others attended the event。Wang Fu interpreted the "three grasp and three promote" action plan and made arrangements from the perspective of discipline inspection and supervision organs, and Shi Mojun and Zhang Yongxia respectively put forward work requirements from the perspective of organization and publicity departments。

  Hu Changsheng pointed out in his speech that the success or failure of the cause is the key to people and the key to doing。At all levels and at all levels, we must be fully aware that the leaders entrust us with a great deal of responsibility.The expectation of the public is so great that we feel uneasy and on pins and needles.The reality gap is obvious, so that we feel like a cow bearing a burden, like a pain in the back;Regional competition intensifies, so that we feel the pacesetters, such as fear。We will carry out the "three arrests and three promotion" campaign,It is the mission, the expectation of the people, and the need for development,You must be enthusiastic, energetic, and in good shape to go into action,Strengthen confidence and know the heavy burden,Gather potential energy and run hard,We will strive to wade out a development road with Gansu characteristics,Strive to compete courageously and continuously in the process of national modernization。

  Hu Changsheng stressed that it is necessary to highlight the orientation of ability first, encourage and urge all levels of all aspects to study hard and practice strong skills, and promote the improvement of quality。In line with the attitude of "what to learn, what to make up for what is lacking", we are good at learning from books, learning from the masses, learning from advanced, and learning from practice, and strive to eliminate "knowledge panic", accelerate the filling of "skill deficit", and truly become an expert in grasping development, seeking development, and promoting development。We must highlight the importance of implementation, encourage and supervise the smooth operation of government decrees at all levels, and do everything possible to promote the implementation of the work。Improve the working mechanism, deepen the full-cycle management, implement closed-loop operation, give play to the role of leading cadres, especially the "construction team leader", and truly do not let go of progress, do not produce results, and do not give up。It is necessary to highlight the guidance of efficiency as king, urge and motivate all levels to pursue excellence and take the burden, and do everything possible to promote the great development of Gansu。Adjust the work standard to the highest, adjust the mental state to the best, adjust the self-requirements to the most stringent, and adjust the service level to the best,With a strong sense of responsibility, mission and honor,Strive to create performance worthy of the post, worthy of the people, worthy of history,To achieve the goal of local development leapfrog with everyone's excellent pursuit。

  Hu Changsheng stressed,We should focus on the overall situation and focus on key points,The "three grasp and three promote" action is closely integrated with doing their own work and promoting the development of the cause,Combined with in-depth thematic education,Combined with the promotion of high-quality development and the practice of Chinese modernization in Gansu,To consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation and promote common prosperity,It is combined with protecting the ecological environment and building a beautiful Gansu,It should be combined with strengthening social governance and preventing and defusing risks,It should be combined with improving the business environment and expanding investment promotion,Resolutely prevent "air-to-air" and "two skins",We should earnestly grasp both sides, ensure both sides are correct and promote both sides。Keep an eye on the problem and target treatment,Always follow the problem, run to the problem, and stare at the problem,Work hard to correct the numbness and rigidity do not think, lazy and lazy do not often, mediocre ability is not good, seeking stability afraid of chaos dare not to do, careless and heavy do not want to do, selfishness is not outstanding problems,In-depth look,Look inward,Put the problem right in a strong revolutionary spirit。It is necessary to jump high and push with extra force,Through the "three grasp and three promote" action to stimulate ambition,Let the cadres experience a great baptism of thought, a great renewal of ideas, and a great reshaping of the state,With the courage of thinking "breaking the ice", the pursuit of catching up with "first-class", the attitude of accelerating "carry", and the passion of competing for "enterprising generals",Try to deliver an excellent report card。

  Hu Changsheng stressed that all localities and departments, especially the main responsible comrades, should strengthen leadership and careful organization, adhere to the above rates, do a good job of organization and coordination, strengthen supervision and assessment, create a strong atmosphere, be strict with oneself, strictly assume their responsibilities, strictly manage the jurisdiction, and ensure that the "three grasp and three promote" action goes deep and achieves the expected purpose and effect。

  The meeting was held at the county level in the form of video, and sub-meetings were set up in provincial units。

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