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Gansu Cultural Tourism Industry Group Co., Ltd. was established on June 20, 2019,It is the provincial Party Committee and provincial government to promote the professionalization and reorganization of state-owned capital of the cultural and tourism industry in our province,Market integration of high-quality resources,Intensive development of cultural tourism industry,We will foster and strengthen market players,To build a flagship cultural tourism enterprise,Play a leading role,An industrial development group formed to accelerate the province's green rise,It is a provincial backbone enterprise of the first class of commerce,Registered capital of 3 billion yuan。

According to the Group's Formation Plan,Group functions are defined and classified as commercial enterprises,It is to implement the cultural tourism industry development policy of the provincial Party committee and provincial government,We will implement the plan for developing the cultural and tourism industries,Leading professional investment and financing enterprises that promote the deep integration of cultural tourism and the coordinated development of industries;It is an important platform for the provincial Party committee and provincial government to build a big culture province, a strong tourism province and develop ecological industries,It undertakes key tasks such as investment and financing, fund investment, project planning and construction, investment promotion, capital operation, integration and reorganization, development and upgrading, brand building and new business form cultivation of the cultural tourism industry,We will advance supply-side structural reform of the cultural and tourism industry,We will increase the development of new forms of cultural tourism,We will improve the quality of development of the cultural and tourism industries。According to the group's establishment plan, by the end of 2020, the Group has achieved integration with Gansu Cultural Industry Development Group Co., LTD., and by means of equity acquisition, the Group holds Lanzhou Municipal Construction Group Co., LTD and Gansu Western Region Tourism and Culture Investment Co., LTD。By the end of 2021, Lanzhou Hotel, Beijing Fengrui Hotel, and Gansu Province Engineering Consulting Center have been transferred to the Group, and the Group's strength has been further improved. At present, the total assets of the Group have exceeded 10 billion yuan, the operating income has exceeded 4 billion yuan, and the number of employees has reached 2,300 people。

The group headquarters consists of nine functional departments: Comprehensive Management Department (Party Committee Office, Board of Directors Office), Human Resources Department (Party Committee Organization Department), Asset Finance Department, strategic planning Department, Operations Management Department, Cultural Business Department, risk control Audit Department, Party and Mass Work Department (Party Committee Publicity Department), discipline inspection and Supervision Office。

Since the establishment of the Group,Remember one's duty,Shoulder the task bravely,We will earnestly implement a series of major policies and guidelines of the CPC Central Committee and decisions and arrangements of provincial Party committees and governments,Benchmark domestic first-class enterprises,Give full play to the resource integration and strategic synergy functions of provincial state-owned cultural and tourism leading enterprises,Take the initiative to connect the resources of cities and states in the province,Introduce excellent partners from outside the province,Implement the industrial development plan,To coordinate the development of cultural tourism resources in the province,We will promote the deep integration of culture and tourism and the coordinated development of industries,Steady improvement in performance。In industrial development,Combine with the actual development,The Group has identified four business segments: scientific and technological wisdom, investment and finance, development and construction, and operation services,There are 11 first-level subsidiaries,Business covers cultural tourism investment, scenic area operation, cultural art identification, cultural property rights transaction, financing guarantee, smart tourism, exhibition management, hotel operation, creative design and other fields。In terms of project construction, Gulang Bayusha "two Mountains" practice innovation base, Lanzhou 360 naked eye ball screen theater, Mayaya Glacier mineral water production line and other projects, Mei Li Village model village "Maosi Village" Fenghuang Yuan She boutique B&B hotel, Longnan Kang County Huaqiao Ruyi Jade Hot Spring Resort Hotel has been completed and operated。The group operates through equity acquisition or authorization,It operates 6 4A-level scenic spots: Zhangye Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon, Lanzhou Shiffou Valley, Dingxi Weihe River Source, Wuwei Desert Park, Wuwei Shenzhou Desert Wildlife Park and Qingyang Maosi Village Longqi Valley,Longqi Valley scenic area is built by the group,This is also the first A-level tourist attraction created by the Group itself;Through asset transfer, entrusted management operation, etc,It operates seven hotels, including Lanzhou Hotel and Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center Ruyi Hua Seal (five stars) and Ruyi Liu Jing (four stars)。

The 14th Five-Year Plan period,The group takes as its own responsibility "demonstrator of tourism destination investment development, leader of cultural tourism operation with satisfactory service, pioneer of intelligent urbanization with cultural tourism orientation, and leader of international cultural tourism brand construction",With "culture + tourism + rural revitalization + new-type urbanization" as the main development model,Take "cultural tourism + Internet + finance + trade" as the main development path,It has established a new business model of "cultural tourism leading, operation first, light asset leading, heavy asset selection, brand cultivation and output",The whole industry chain service system of cultural tourism and a new cultural tourism ecosystem should be built。

The group is the chairman unit of Gansu Culture and Tourism Science and Education Innovation Alliance。In 2021, the Group was listed as the master of the digital cultural and creative industry chain and the master of the cultural tourism and health industry chain in our province。2022年,In the province's "6+1" industrial development action plan,Gansu Cultural Tourism Group has taken the lead in formulating an action plan for the cultivation and development of Gansu cultural tourism industry,Among the 17 specific tasks identified in the program are five major actions,The Group has led three operations and 10 tasks,The position and role of the main enterprises in the market of cultural and tourism industry have further emerged。

The Group closely revolves around the responsibilities and missions entrusted to the group by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government,Actively cultivate corporate culture,Established to "Hui cultural greatness.,Sing "Gansu Ruyi" for the group mission,To "create a world-class modern cultural travel group" as the corporate vision,Practice "sharing weal and woe,The end of the line "core values of the enterprise,Carry forward the enterprise spirit of "creation, humanism and integration",Continuously enhance the group's soft power development,Continue to enhance the core competitiveness。The group implanted the party building gene in the construction of corporate culture, and proposed the party building concept of "red heart to the Party, green for the people" and the integrity concept of "Mingde and integrity, doing something", which became the ideological consensus and code of conduct of all employees of the group。The group's corporate culture has been included in the EMBA teaching case of Fudan University, and has also attracted provincial brother enterprises to learn from。

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