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Gansu Cultural Tourism Group signed Shenzhen Trading Group

Source: Gansu Cultural Property Rights Trading Center 2023-09-11 点击:

On September 9, the investment promotion meeting of key industries in Gansu Province was held in Guangzhou。Gansu Culture Travel Group Party secretary, chairman Shi Peiwen attended the meeting,And signed a cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Trading Group,The two sides will focus on the development of cultural tourism industry, big data transactions, project investment and other aspects,Establish long-term mechanisms in the fields of industrial funds, project cooperation, personnel exchange and training,We will carry out all-round, wide-ranging and multi-level practical cooperation,We will strive to achieve complementarity, resource sharing and industrial synergy,Effectively promote the transformation, transformation and upgrading of Gansu cultural tourism industry。

This signing is an important measure for Gansu Cultural Tourism Group to thoroughly implement the spirit of the provincial Investment Promotion Conference and promote the "three grasp and three promotion" to go deep and solid, marking that Gansu Cultural Tourism Group has taken a solid step in the development of cultural industry and cooperation with first-class enterprises in other provinces。

Shenzhen Exchange Group is rich in resources, complete industrial system, strong technical force and broad prospects for development。As the only cultural trading platform enterprise in Gansu Province, Gansu Cultural Property Rights Trading Center, a subsidiary of Gansu Cultural Tourism Group, has unique resource advantages in the element trading of Gansu cultural tourism industry, and the two sides have a highly compatible cooperation basis。Through cooperation with Shenzhen Exchange Group and its subsidiary Shenzhen Data Exchange, it will effectively stimulate the potential of Gansu's digital cultural tourism elements, contribute digital strength to the leapfrog development of Gansu's cultural tourism industry, and further promote the high-quality development of Gansu's digital economy。

next,The two sides will adhere to the principle of "win-win cooperation and development first",Establish long-term cooperative relationships in resource integration, innovation and development, and big data trading platforms,Make full use of each other's platform advantages, industrial advantages, resource channels, and technical strength,On the basis of promoting the digital process of cultural tourism industry in Gansu Province,Around the digital economy industry upstream and downstream,Develop the digital cultural and creative industry chain,We will develop the digital cultural tourism industry,Create integrated marketing mechanisms together,To build a domestic first-class cultural industry data elements trading platform。

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