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2023 Zhangye Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon scenic area "Wild West" car carnival and self-driving tour line launch ceremony grand opening

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On the morning of October 14, 2023 Zhangye Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon View area "Wild West" car carnival and self-driving tour line launch ceremony was grand opening。Mr. Chen Mingbiao, Deputy Director of Zhangye Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, Mr. Hang Hebing, Party Committee member and deputy general Manager of Gansu Cultural Tourism Group, Mr. Xu Yuan, Party Secretary and Director of Zhangye Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, Mr. Liu Bo, Standing Committee Member of Ganzhou District Party Committee and Minister of Publicity Department, attended and witnessed the ceremony。

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The activity is sponsored by Gansu Cultural Tourism Group, a subsidiary of Gansu Cultural Tourism Group, and hosted by Western Region Tourism Company. The total length of the activity route is 48.05km, the riders need to climb steep hills, through rugged valleys, extremely challenging。The event is a canyon crossing event held again three years after the suspension of the Car Rally in 2019, aiming to arouse attention to tourism in the Hexi Corridor and further enhance the status and influence of self-driving Tours in the region。 

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In recent years, the unique cross-country crossing line in the Grand Canyon scenic area of Pingshan Lake has been favored by more and more car cross-country enthusiasts, and enjoys a high reputation in the cross-country circle of Gansu province and even northwest China。This activity takes "tourism + automobile + consumer entertainment" as the model,Combine sports culture and tourism resources organically,It innovates the form and content of the activity,As an important window to display the brand value and publicity of Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon scenic spot,It has attracted more than 120 off-road vehicles from dozens of off-road clubs and off-road enthusiasts from all over the country,Not only let more self-driving car clubs and self-driving tour enthusiasts know and experience the high-quality crossing route of Pingshan Lake scenic spot,It also shows the tourism resources with Zhangye characteristics。

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Event holding,Further enrich the products and tourist experience of the scenic spot,Let the unique landform resources of Pingshan Lake come into public view,And developed into an important road trip station,Inject new impetus into the development of scenic spots,The scenic spot will also take this event as an opportunity,In the future by holding more wonderful activities,Let more tourists more intuitively understand and feel the unique charm from this billion years of geological wonder,At the same time also further enhance Zhangye visibility,Add new vitality to Zhangye tourism development。

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