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The Group company carried out special training on preferential tax policies and tax-related risk management for the cultural and tourism industry

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In order to strengthen the tax planning ability of the group company and improve the overall tax management level of the group。On October 24, the Asset Finance Department held a special training on "Tax-related Risk Analysis and tax preferential Policies of Cultural Tourism Industry"。More than 100 financial personnel of the Group headquarters and subsidiaries participated in the training through a combination of online and offline。

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Guo Lei, Project director of Gansu Branch of Shanghai Hanlin Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was specially invited to give a lecture。Training combined with the actual business of the group company,Based on the relevant tax policies of cultural tourism industry,From the perspective of the cultural tourism industry, the risks faced under the fourth golden tax period, the identification and response of the five core risks of the cultural tourism industry tax inspection and the value-added tax preferential policy of the cultural tourism industry,By case,How to identify and prevent tax risks in the specific operation process of tax-related business is deeply analyzed,It has strong guidance and practicability。

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The training has a clear theme and focuses on results,Aiming at the financial and tax pain points, difficulties and blocking points faced by the cultural and tourism industry,Combine some challenges and potential risks faced by financial personnel under the new mode of tax regulation,Theoretical exposition and situation analysis,Help the financial staff of the group to effectively improve the awareness of tax-related risk prevention,Reinforce bottom-line thinking。

After the training, the Group Asset Finance Department organized all the participating financial personnel to test the training results。

Source: Asset Finance Department Contributed by: Yang Chunyan

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