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Gansu Cultural Tourism Group held the production and operation analysis meeting in the third quarter of 2023 and the special work promotion meeting on loss management

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On October 17, Gansu Cultural Tourism Group held the production and operation analysis meeting in the third quarter of 2023 and the special work promotion meeting on loss management。Group Party secretary, chairman Shi Peiwen attended the meeting and delivered a speech。All members of the group's leadership team attended the meeting。


The meeting informed the group of the completion of the third quarter business objectives and the promotion of loss management work, a comprehensive summary of the first three quarters of production and operation work, in-depth analysis of the current problems and situations faced by the group's operations, and the key tasks in the fourth quarter were re-arranged and re-deployed。The relevant subsidiaries made reports and speeches on ensuring the achievement of the annual operating performance targets and completing the special tasks of losses。

Conference notes,The fourth quarter is a crucial period for the whole year's work,It's the sprint to the final goal of the year,All departments and subsidiaries of the Group should always adhere to the general requirements of "no change in goals, no reduction in tasks and no reduction in standards",Build up confidence and strive courageously,Earnestly achieve "concentric, same direction, same force",Gather strength to fight the end of the year。


As requested by the meeting,First, we must improve our ideological understanding and ensure that the task is completed。Each first-level subsidiary should improve its position, deeply understand the significance of loss management and business performance improvement, take loss management work as an important starting point for business performance improvement, and take loss management effect as an important path for enterprise governance efficiency improvement。Second, we should summarize as early as possible and plan for next year's work。It is necessary to further clarify their main positions and main advantages, take the initiative to seize policy opportunities, increase market research efforts, accurately grasp the industry situation, and deeply plan the next year's investment and business work with the consciousness of "jumping up and down", and study and determine the main economic indicators and key work next year。Third, we must adhere to the goal orientation and strict performance assessment。Strictly implement the dynamic adjustment mechanism linking major business indicators with advance payment of performance pay;Strengthen the use of results, focus on rewarding the good and punishing the bad, and establish a real and solid assessment orientation。Fourth, we must step up risk prevention and firmly hold the bottom line。We will strengthen our sense of responsibility and potential dangers, establish a bottom-line mindset, and focus on preventing investment that does not meet expectations, holding rights that do not control, participation in shares that do not participate in management, security risks, and risks of petitions and visits to maintain stability。

The main persons in charge of each first-level subsidiary of the group and the heads of each department attended the meeting on site。The heads of other subsidiaries participated in the meeting online via video。

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