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Shi Peiwen and his delegation visited the provincial Defense Mobilization office

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On the morning of October 8, Shi Peiwen, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Group, led a team to visit the provincial National Defense Mobilization Office and had a discussion with Mr. Yun Zhenrong, Secretary of the Party Group and director of the Provincial National Development and Reform Commission。Members of the Party group of the Provincial National Action Office, deputy director Xu Yanxin, Ning Yilong, Deng Gaohua, relevant departments of the provincial National Action Office, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, Chairman of the trade union Wang Ning, deputy general manager of the Group Chu Zhen and responsible persons of relevant subsidiaries participated in the discussion。

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Yun Zhenrong said that since its establishment, Gansu Cultural Travel Group has made outstanding contributions in the aspects of creating cultural travel product differentiation and customization, gathering force innovation and development, and bravely taking social responsibility。It is hoped that while vigorously developing the main business, the Group will fully stimulate the national defense awareness and responsibility of the enterprise, further firmly establish the overall situation awareness and the sense of danger, integrate the corporate culture, production and operation with the mobilization and innovation of national defense, enhance cohesion and generate combat effectiveness。The provincial National Action Office will strengthen the close contact with Gansu Cultural Tourism Group in its own business fields, promote the cooperation between the two sides to achieve new progress and new results, and make positive contributions to local economic and social development and national defense mobilization。

Shi Peiwen introduced the group's development history, project development and construction, scenic spots, hotel operation and management,We sincerely invite the leaders of the Provincial National Action Office to give guidance and support to the feasibility study, project approval, design approval, quality supervision, cost review and completion acceptance of the civil air defense projects involved in the major projects invested by the Group,It is hoped that the two sides can carry out in-depth cooperation in urban space expansion and civil air defense material storage。The Group will actively fulfill its national defense obligations and social responsibilities, give full play to the leading role of state-owned enterprises, organically combine the development of the cultural and tourism industry with the mobilization of national defense, and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of comprehensive development。

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