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Why the Chinese Legend is amazing? The "traffic password" behind the popularity of original animated short films

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Touching the heartstrings of the audience "China little monster" story more than 8 episodes, Wang Jianer, chairman of the Shanghai Film Group, said in a recent interview with reporters that 2023 on the Bilibili platform (referred to as B station) on the line of "net red" animated short film collection "China Legend" has been prepared for the second season。

This collection of animated shorts took two years to plan and produce。Since the launch of New Year's Day, with the popular "circle"。As of January 13, the film has been viewed more than 73 million times, scored 9.9 points on B-station and 9.5 points on Douban, and has been listed on Weibo's hot search list dozens of times。Online word of mouth and popularity also extended to the offline, Shanghai Art film studio in the consumer platform's official flagship store on the shelves of two "China Legend" legitimate peripheral, a week sold out。

Why the Chinese Legend is amazing?Reporters try to uncover its "traffic password"。

An "awakening" of animation original IP

Eight stories rooted in traditional Chinese culture created by 11 directors are: Summer of the Little Monster, Goose Goose, Linlin, Village Bus Takes away King Boy and Fairy, Xiao Man, Jade Rabbit, Canteen, Bird and Fish.。The story reviews the past and the present and looks forward to the future, from local nostalgia to scientific and technological fantasy, from the theme of life to human nature thinking, showing the imagination and cultural tradition with Chinese characteristics。

Wang Jianer introduced that the integration and development of Shanghai Film's "14th Five-Year Plan" boutique content strategy and big IP development strategy will build "China Wonder" into an "IP universe".。Each short film will have a different IP development plan according to its own characteristics。

"The United States Film Studio adopted the form of art short film collection, gathered a group of excellent animation directors, but also gave everyone free creative space, and completed an innovative expression of traditional Chinese culture in mutual discussion and even competition.。Wang Jianer said that it is this form of creation that provides a broad space for "China Wonder" to create "IP universe", "Contemporary youth's confidence in Chinese culture and the pursuit of innovative expression of Chinese culture provide rich soil for" China Wonder "to be" out of the circle "online and offline。Such a breadth and depth of content IP provides new opportunities for us to do China's own IP universe。”

It is understood that Shanghai film will widely learn from overseas mature development models, to create a "universe" as the goal of long-term project development, and on this basis, combined with the characteristics of the Chinese market, combined with the reality of Shanghai film, to explore China's big IP development path。"For example, we are studying the production committee model adopted by Japan, which has a developed animation industry, which has mature experience in co-production teams, platforms, industrial resources and capital.。Wang Jianer told reporters that the future "monsters" will have their own big movies, their own derivative surrounding, and more importantly, they will have "their own development team" - "China Magic" will set up their own IP development company。

"Light up" the heavy traditional culture

Taking a look at the few short films that have been broadcast and will soon be broadcast, you will find that the details are ubiquitous traditional cultural elements。For example, in the episode "Lin Lin" of the short film, Ma Jiuyue, a composer of folk music, was invited to serve as the music director. In the whole process of composing and arranging, Ma Jiuyue tried to interpret the legendary story in the snowy forest with flute, xiao and Chinese drum。At the same time, he also revealed that the most critical also adopted China's long history of national Musical Instruments - Ruan。

"Nguyen, it's very personal, very Chinese。Let everyone feel a sense of ancient walking。This "ancient" is "ancient China".。The composer interpreted it this way。

Whether it is the picture, or the music, the traditional cultural elements are "lit up" one by one in this short film, so that many viewers can not help but send a bullet screen, frankly by the main creative team。

"Chinese Legend" is very good, I think the deep cultural heritage, modern expression, industrial production capacity, coupled with a good story, is the "traffic password" of literary and creative works.。Liu Wei, president of Shanghai Miha You Network Technology Co., LTD., bluntly expressed his love for "China's Strange Tan.。At the same time, he also succinctly stated the endogenous motivation of the rapid "circle" of this "masterpiece", that is, the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture。

"Two-way journey" between creators and Audiences

For "Chinese Legend" strong Chinese traditional cultural atmosphere,Rui Chen, chairman and chief executive of Bilibili, also had something to say,He believes that the success of "Chinese Legend" is a accumulation of original Chinese animation itself,At the same time, it is also necessary to praise a large number of viewers who have grown up with B station and have a strong interest in traditional culture。

In recent years, a large number of UP masters under the labels of "traditional culture" and "National creation" (China original) on the B station platform have gathered, and they are not only a new generation of viewers and consumers, but also creators and publishers who can dominate personal video production。In such a large number of talent gathering platform, in recent years, the cumulative broadcast of traditional cultural documentaries and self-made short videos is very considerable。In the "follow up" link of animation, the emergence of more "more obsessed and more professional" traditional cultural depth users must be the future trend。

In short, in Chen Rui's view, the popularity of "Chinese Legend" is high, so that everyone also sees a "two-way rush" between the animation creator and the audience.。

In the face of the audience's escalating expectations, the Shanghai Art Film Studio, which has the reputation of animation "Chinese School", is also planning to continue such a "two-way journey".。

The year 2022 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Chinese animation。Over the past hundred years, Chinese animation has been telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese culture from scratch, from short to long, from black and white to color, from silent to sound, from two-dimensional hand-drawn to digital design。

"China Legend" content team told reporters that this is a tribute to the predecessors, but also in a new journey, a new starting point on the sail。

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