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Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Resumption of inbound and outbound group Tours between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao

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2月3日,The General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the Notice on Resuming Travel Agencies' Business of Inbound and Outbound Group Tours of the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao (hereinafter referred to as the Notice),指出,As of February 6, 2023,Resumption of inbound and outbound group Tours and "airfare + hotel" business between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao by travel agencies and online travel companies。

"Notice" stressed that from now on, travel agencies and online tourism companies can carry out product release, promotion and other preparatory work。

On the resumption of work, the Notice makes three work requirements:

(1) Careful organization and implementation。All localities should attach great importance to the organization work in accordance with the principle of territorial management。It is necessary to earnestly implement the requirements of the overall plan of "Class B and B management", promote and advocate the idea that "everyone is the first person responsible for their own health", remind tourists to do self-monitoring before travel, confirm their health status, pay attention to their own safety and protection during the trip, and comply with the relevant epidemic prevention regulations for personnel exchanges between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao。

(2) Standardize business activities。All localities should guide travel agencies to strictly implement the various systems and norms of group tourism management, sign tourism contracts with tourists in accordance with the law, and accurately fill in the inbound and outbound tourism team information on the national tourism supervision service platform in a timely manner。Travel agencies should ensure the quality of tourism products, improve the level of tourism services, remind tourists to take out personal accident insurance and other insurance, and advocate the new trend of safe, civilized, green and healthy tourism。

3. Strengthening oversight and law enforcement。All localities should strictly require travel agencies to implement the "one group, one report" system,We will strengthen supervision and inspection of travel agencies and online tourism companies,Investigate and punish the violations of the law and regulations of "unreasonably low-cost Tours", arranging tourists to visit or participate in projects or activities that violate the laws, regulations and social morality of our country, etc,We will effectively maintain order in the tourism market。

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