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Let the excellent digital version of the network pass down to future generations (micro)

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If the search for the ancient civilization code, we must carefully study ancient books, then the record of contemporary cultural construction achievements, digital version is essential content

The Black Storm,Showing the special struggle against crime and evil;Novel "Big Country Heavy Industries",Describe the arduous process of China's major equipment research and development;Music "South of Shanghai",Show the unique temperament and charm of Shanghai culture......Some time ago,The "First batch of online digital versions of the China National Library" was held,A total of 45 online digital versions were received, including the above works,Covering online literature, online video, online games, digital literature, digital music and other five categories。

The version is the "golden seed" for recording history and inheriting civilization.。From tortoise shell stone to bamboo cloth, from block engraving to movable type printing, from type typography to laser phototypesetting, from tangible carrier to virtual carrier, the iteration of versions has witnessed the progress of civilization。The digital version of the network is the digital carrier for inheriting the Chinese civilization in the process of the construction and development of digital China, and the latest version of the Chinese civilization entering the digital era。If the search for the ancient civilization code, we must carefully study ancient books, then the record of contemporary cultural construction achievements, digital version is essential content。Digital resources are ephemeral and fragile. With the upgrading of software and hardware environment, the conditions supporting their preservation and display may no longer exist。It is necessary to incorporate it into the national edition collection sequence in time。

Each era has its own culture, and each era has its own spirit。In recent years, China's network digital culture industry has developed rapidly, and a number of widely welcomed works have emerged。The digital version of the network in this collection is one of the representatives。Video works such as "Dunhuang: Born Legend" and "Poetry of the Neighbor" reflect the new trend of The Times in various ways such as documentary and animation;Literary works such as Road to Rejuvenation and Chaoyang Police pay attention to reality and life, reflecting a certain height of thought, emotional temperature and thickness of life。

Network digital technology not only changes the carrier and form of culture, but also creates new possibilities for cultural protection and inheritance。For example, the "Digital Great Wall" project into the collection for the first time through scanning reconstruction, a section of the Xifengkou Great Wall about 1 km long has been digitally reproduced, so that users can enjoy the Great Wall with millimeter-level accuracy on the mobile phone。The "Digital Protection Plan of Traditional Chinese Instrumental Music" aims at the problem of precious music and ancient music scores disappearing due to the lack of systematic records, and establishes a digital resource library around sound, music and instruments, so that the regret of the loss of "Guangling SAN" will no longer appear。These digital versions give new vitality to traditional cultural products and let more cultural creations be remembered。

It must be noted that entering the digital age, the total amount of human knowledge is growing exponentially。In the vast sea of information, what is the "real gold" that can be displayed, exchanged and studied by future generations and has the value of historical and cultural inheritance??Judging from the first batch of online digital editions, most of the selected works are masterpieces that inherit Chinese civilization, highlight the Chinese spirit and display the image of China。To do a good job of recording and archival collection of Chinese civilization in the new era from the perspective of version, it is still necessary to constantly explore the working mechanism, process and standard of archival entry, so as to continuously normalize and institutionalize it, and promote more excellent network digital versions to pass down to future generations。

Like the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, the Chinese civilization continues to flourish。Each new version adds new water to the great river and gives it more strength。With the changes of The Times, the cultural innovation and creativity of the whole nation are constantly stimulated, and the cultural collection has an inexhaustible source of vitality。If we protect and develop the excellent cultural achievements created in each era, the blood of national culture can be continuously passed on and revitalized。

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