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Gansu Cultural Tourism Group held a Party Committee theoretical learning center group thematic democratic life before the centralized learning meeting

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On the morning of August 17, the Party Committee of Gansu Cultural Tourism Group organized a focused study meeting before the thematic democratic life meeting。Group Party secretary, chairman, theme education leading group leader Shi Peiwen presided over the meeting and delivered a speech。Provincial Party Committee theme education third tour steering group leader Peng Hongjia, members Zhang Bin attended the guidance。

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集团党委认真落实“第一议题”制度,与会人员学习了习近平总书记在四川考察时的重要讲话精神。Watched the "Party organization life how to live" video,学习了习近平总书记关于Party building的重要思想,习近平总书记关于严肃党内政治生活的重要讲话和重要指示批示精神,习近平总书记关于以学铸魂、以学增智、以学正风、以学促干等重要论述,He studied the Party Constitution, Several Guidelines on the Political Life within the Party under the New Situation, and Several Regulations on the Democratic Life of Leading Cadres of Party Members and State organs at or above the county level。同时,深入学习了习近平总书记对甘肃重要讲话重要指示批示精神,以及习近平总书记关于文化和旅游产业的重要论述,传达学习了省委十四届三次全会精神。Through study, we can further unify our thoughts, deepen our understanding, and lay a solid ideological foundation for a good thematic democratic life。

The meeting stressed that a high-quality thematic democratic life is an important carrier for the review and rectification of thematic education, and an important measure to ensure the effectiveness of thematic education。Group party organizations at all levels一是We must earnestly strengthen the political consciousness of running a good democratic life and organizing life。It is necessary to accurately grasp the promotion of intra-party democracy, strengthen intra-party supervision, examine gaps and deficiencies, carry out criticism and self-criticism, do a good job of correcting problems, further unify the thinking, the will and the action, firmly support the "two establishment", and resolutely achieve the "two maintenance".。二是It is necessary to strengthen the ideological consciousness of running a good democratic life and organizing life。要全面系统学,以党章为根本遵循,全面系统学习习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,增强党性修养,切实做到学深悟透、整体把握、融会贯通。It is necessary to focus on theme study, closely focus on what to learn and what to make up for what is lacking, integrate comprehensive study and key study, and effectively lay the ideological foundation of thematic democratic life。It is necessary to check the study, focus on the general requirements of learning ideology, strengthening the party spirit, emphasizing practice, and building new achievements, examine problems and analyze deeply in the continuous strengthening of theoretical study, and focus on solving problems from the ideological root。三是It is necessary to strengthen the consciousness of action in running a good democratic life and organizing life。It is necessary to comprehensively compare the six aspects of theoretical study, political quality, ability, responsibility, work style, integrity and self-discipline,特别是对照习近平总书记关于以学铸魂、以学增智、以学正风、以学促干的具体要求,Really put yourself in there, put your responsibilities in there, put your work in there,Make full use of thematic education results,Take stock of the harvest, examine the problem, deeply analyze, and strengthen the rectification,To ensure that thematic education thematic democratic life will achieve tangible results。

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