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Gansu Cultural Tourism Group held the 2022 work conference and the third employee (member) Congress

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On February 27, the 2022 work Conference and the third staff (member) Congress of Gansu Cultural Tourism Group was successfully held。The conference system summarized the work in 2021, in-depth analyzed the situation in 2022, and comprehensively deployed the work in 2022 from the overall ideas, goals and key work。Group Party secretary, chairman Shi Peiwen,Deputy Party Secretary, General manager Yang Yuhong,Deputy Party Secretary, trade union chairman Wang Ning,Party committee member, deputy general manager Sheng Wentao,Li Cunwang, member of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervisor,Party Committee member, deputy general manager Yang Yan, Zhu Yinhong, Hang Hebing,Group external director Zhang Hong,Group finance director Xie Xin, project director Jin Shisheng, investment director Chu Zhen,Representatives of the Group's first employees (members), specially invited representatives, and main heads of subsidiaries and departments within the Group attended the meeting。


Yang Yuhong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of the Group, made the 2021 annual work report。Yang Yuhong pointed out that 2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" of the Group company, and it is also an important year for the group company to shift its focus from the formation to the comprehensive promotion of business layout and market development。This year,Under the strong leadership of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government and the guidance and support of relevant departments and units,The Group is focused on the mission vision of "building a world-class modern cultural travel group",Strive to carry forward the GCT spirit of "creation, humanism and integration",Focus on the goals and annual tasks of the 14th Five-Year Plan,Coordinate epidemic prevention and control with production and operation,We will continue to accelerate the pace of enterprise reform and innovation,Actively explore effective paths for industrial development,Optimize and integrate business segments,We will improve the governance system,We will coordinate the integration and transfer of resources,We will actively expand channels for investment and financing,Efforts will be made to increase the supply of cultural and tourism products,Strive to improve the level of cultural travel services,Successfully completed the annual production and operation objectives issued by the SASAC of the provincial government。


Yang Yuhong stressed,In 2022, the Group will do a good job in ten key areas,First, we must focus on the goal of the 14th Five-Year Plan,Strengthen scientific scheduling;Second, we must focus on solid project support,Expand the industrial layout;Third, insight into industry trends,Innovative cultural and tourism formats;Fourth, we must be the master of the industrial chain,Play a leading role;Fifth, we must do a good job of brand creation,Amplify the market effect;Sixth, we must do a good job of landing the system,Improve management effectiveness;Seventh, we must strengthen team building,Drive industrial development;Eighth, we need to deepen reform,Stimulate endogenous motivation;Ninth, we must fulfill our responsibility for prevention and control,Safety alarm bell ringing;Tenth, we must strengthen Party building,Take overall responsibility for development。

The conference deliberated and adopted the 2021 annual work report, financial budget and final accounts report, trade union work report, trade union fund review work report of Gansu Cultural Tourism Group Company, and listened to the report of the Group's trade union Committee leader and special committee contact meeting matters in 2021。

The conference commended the excellent team, excellent managers and excellent employees of the Group company in 2021。

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Excellent team

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Excellent manager

Excellent employee

At the meeting, Shi Peiwen, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Group, signed the 2022 annual business performance responsibility letter with Yang Yuhong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of the Group。Yang Yuhong signed the 2022 annual performance target responsibility letter with the members of the management, subsidiaries and internal departments respectively。

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In his speech at the meeting, Chairman Shi Peiwen put forward eight requirements for achieving the Group's 2022 task goals and promoting the group's high-quality development。First, we must have a clear understanding of the situation and accurately grasp the overall tone of economic development this year。Second, we should use culture to shape tourism and do a good job in the integration and development of culture and tourism。Three to serve the grassroots, from the "head" to promote the group to change style。Fourthly, we should keep fit and continue to improve the group's risk resistance。Fifth, we must strengthen learning and constantly consolidate the hard power of controlling work。Six talents to strengthen the enterprise, to build the competitiveness of high-quality development of the group。Seventh, we should increase publicity and jointly create a soft environment for the development of the group。Eighth, we must strengthen party building and effectively give play to the role of Party committees in "promoting management"。Require each subsidiary,All departments must increase their sense of urgency and mission,Firm confidence,Go all out,Finding game,With a fuller state of mind, a more pragmatic work style, and a stronger will to fight,Anchor the Group's production and operation targets in 2022,Complete all targets and tasks for the year,Strive to create a new situation of high-quality development of the group,Meet the success of the Party's 20th Congress and the 14th provincial Party Congress with excellent results!

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