Talent strategy

  • Jin Shisheng
    Jin Shisheng Group and subsidiary employees
    Jin Shisheng, Ph.D., East China Normal University, East China Normal University, landscape ecology, postdoctoral, registered urban planner, general manager of international travel agency, university teacher certificate。10 years of research and teaching experience in universities, 8 years of planning and design experience in international planning consulting companies, 26 years of tourism planning and industrial planning
  • Preserve one's virginity
    Preserve one's virginity Group and subsidiary employees
    Chu Zhuzhen is a senior economist with a PhD degree in finance from Jinan University。As one of the main persons in charge, I created the first state-owned financial holding platform in Gansu Province, proposed and promoted the strategy of full financial license of the company, and developed the company into 14 holding companies from financing guarantee and small loans in 2012
  • 王彬
    王彬 Group and subsidiary employees
    Wang Bin, Bachelor of Engineering in Road and Bridge Engineering from Xi 'an Highway University, Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) from Tsinghua University, is a senior engineer, a first-class construction engineer and a registered safety engineer。In 2007, he won the first prize of Lanzhou State-owned Enterprise Reform, and in 2009, he was awarded the national construction system labor
  • Chen Yunyong
    Chen Yunyong Group and subsidiary employees
    Yunyong Chen, Doctor of Business Administration, researcher, graduate supervisor, registered senior planner, Director of Shanghai Fuda Brand Research Institute。He is also the Deputy Secretary-General and director of the Planning Committee of Shanghai Creative Industry Association, the director of the teaching and research base of the Oriental Management Institute of Fudan University, and the Business administration of Fudan University-City University of Hong Kong
  • Yan Lihua
    Yan Lihua Group and subsidiary employees
    Yan Lihua, EMBA MBA from Tsinghua University, member of Women's Committee of China Tourism Association and Vice President of Lanzhou Cultural Industry Association。Founded a travel agency in 2000, established Lanzhou Cultural Tourism Industry Development Co., Ltd. in 2016 and served as the general manager, and successively carried out Lanzhou Shuping Danxia scenic spot and tour
  • Wang Shouwu
    Wang Shouwu Group and subsidiary employees
    Wang Shouwu: Master degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering from Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Senior engineer, first-class construction engineer, registered supervision engineer。In 2017, he was selected as the first "Top Ten Builders" in Gansu Province, and in 2020, he was selected as the "Longyuan Talent" in Gansu Province.。He has won the "Excellent Constructor" and "Flying Sky Award" of Gansu Province for many times
  • Song Jiyun
    Song Jiyun Group and subsidiary employees
    Song Jiyun, Senior economist, legal professional qualification, fund professional qualification, listed company board secretary, independent director qualification, real estate professional manager。He has served as deputy general manager of Shengda Lanzhou Real Estate Company, general manager of Qinghai Real Estate Company and executive vice president of Chengdu Industrial Company, with a total of nearly 1 million construction projects
  • He Zumin
    He Zumin Group and subsidiary employees
    He Zumin: Senior engineer, first grade construction division。Familiar with the whole process of project construction management, over the years, participated in and presided over the completion of hundreds of provincial and municipal key projects, has won the China Construction project "Luban Award", "National Quality Engineering Award", Gansu Province construction project "Feitian Award", "Municipal Gold Cup Award"。Participate in research
  • Jia Dongzhang
    Jia Dongzhang Group and subsidiary employees
    Jia Dongzhang: Senior engineer, first grade construction division。China Construction Industry Association construction engineering technology expert Committee;Deputy Secretary-General and expert of Expert Committee of Gansu Construction Industry Federation;Expert of Expert Committee of Lanzhou Construction Industry Federation;Lanzhou construction environment safety and quality expert committee。Long-term engagement
  • Zhang Xiaodong
    Zhang Xiaodong Group and subsidiary employees
    Zhang Xiaodong, executive director of China Performance Industry Association, senior broker of China Performance Industry, member of the Theater Professional Committee of China Performance Industry Association, and off-campus tutor of professional degree and master degree students of Lanzhou University School of Art。He worked in Gansu Provincial Song and Dance Theater for many years and was responsible for the marketing and brand of the dance drama "Silk Road Flower Rain"
  • Yangquan Mountain
    Yangquan Mountain Group and subsidiary employees
    Yang Quanshan, the outstanding figure of China's exhibition industry in the 40 years of reform and opening up, the most influential industry leader of China's exhibition in 2018, has won the first Dunhuang Cultural Expo work advanced individual, Dunhuang City May 1st Labor Medal and other honors。Familiar with the construction and operation of exhibition, theater and hotel projects, and led the team to successfully complete the three sessions of Dunhuang
  • Shidubuwu
    Shidubuwu Group and subsidiary employees
    Shi Duiwu, senior economist, second-level enterprise trainer, first-level enterprise human resource manager。For many years, I have been responsible for three system reforms, human resource planning and institutional setup, labor employment and performance management of large provincial backbone enterprise groups。After entering the group, I took the lead in accordance with the overall planning and control requirements of the establishment of regulations
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