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Prepare for the Double Section Hotel Group on the move

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2With the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day approaching in 023, Gansu Wentravel Hotel Group thoroughly implemented the deployment requirements of the fourth plenary (expanded) meeting of the Safety Committee of the Group in 2023, and took multiple measures to continue to promote the work of safety prevention and operation preparation。

Ruyi Gem Hotel in Huaqiao, Kangxian County to carry out service quality improvement training

In order to effectively do a good job during the "double section" hotel reception work,Kangxian Huaqiao Ruyi Gem Hotel in the solid development of risk hidden dangers "major investigation and rectification" on the basis of,Focus on staff image building, service etiquette of each post, efficient communication and response, food safety operation norms, emergency response and other aspects of solid service quality improvement training,Further enhance the standardization of hotel management and service standards,Prepare for 'Super Golden Week'。

Lanzhou Olympic Games Ruyi Seal/Ruyi Gem Hotel to carry out emergency rescue drill

Lanzhou Olympic Sports Ruyi Seal/Ruyi Gem Hotel organized multi-departments to jointly carry out special emergency drill for production safety before the holiday。By simulating different scenarios after an emergency occurs,Relevant departments quickly carried out a series of emergency treatment work such as request for instructions and reports, emergency command, launch plans, on-site rescue, emergency evacuation, danger investigation, medical aid, investigation and collection of evidence, maintenance of order, and aftermath treatment,Under the unified dispatch of the drill headquarters and the close cooperation of the participants,The exercise process is scientific, efficient and orderly。The emergency plan was further tested, the emergency command mechanism was integrated, the emergency rescue team was trained, the staff's safety awareness was enhanced, and the ability to deal with emergencies was improved, laying a solid foundation for the safe operation of the hotel during the "Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day"。

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