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Gansu Cultural tourism International trade company visited Tianshui apple market

Source: Gansu Cultural Tourism International Trade Company 2023-09-20 点击:

From September 14 to 15, Yu Jing, chairman and general manager of Gansu Cultural Tourism International Trade Group, and five people went to Tianshui City to inspect the apple source and deep processing product market to reserve resources for enriching business and expanding agricultural products business opportunities。

The investigation team visited the production line of Tianshui Great Wall Juice Group, and had an in-depth discussion on juice business cooperation and market risks with Wang Xiaohong, chairman of Tianshui Great Wall Juice Group, Yan Qun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, and heads of branches and relevant departments。The two sides agreed that there is a large space for cooperation in product sales and raw material procurement, and will strengthen the docking of specific businesses in the future, and strive to reach substantive cooperation as soon as possible for mutual benefit and win-win results。


Tianshui Great Wall Juice Group belongs to Gansu State Investment Group, mainly engaged in food processing, food import and export, with complete certifications and qualifications, advanced production management, and rich experience in the industry. 70% of its juice products are exported overseas with excellent quality and enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad。


The delegation also visited the 10,000 mu orchard base of Tianshui Huaniu Group, discussed and communicated with the person in charge of the local cooperative, and had an in-depth understanding of apple planting, storage and transportation, supply organization, sales channels, and market conditions。


Guo Jie, deputy general manager of International Trade Company, Wang Xiangyun, assistant general manager and relevant business leaders participated in the inspection and exchange。

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