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Gansu Cultural Tourism Group held a briefing meeting on the fine decoration and landscape scheme of the first phase of Lanzhou Shifogou Eco-tourism Demonstration Zone

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The morning of August 31, 2023,Shi Peiwen, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Group, presided over a briefing meeting on the hardcover and landscape scheme of the first phase project of Lanzhou Shifogou Eco-Tourism Demonstration Zone,Group deputy secretary of the Party Committee, general manager Yang Yuhong,Group project Director Jin Shisheng,Responsible comrades of relevant departments and units of the Group attended the meeting。

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At the meeting, the design unit made a report on the decoration and landscape special program of the first phase of the Shifogou eco-tourism Demonstration Zone, and the participants carried out an in-depth discussion on the content of the program, and put forward specific suggestions and suggestions for improvement and improvement in combination with the operation of the scenic spot, hotel management, construction and property management。

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The meeting stressed that hardcover and landscape engineering can effectively improve the beauty and comfort of the indoor and outdoor environment of the project, but also improve the indoor and outdoor space layout, improve space utilization, increase project highlights, and enhance the atmosphere。Design units should be based on the local context, geography, in-depth exploration of territorial resource characteristics, cultural characteristics, and make good use of the "natural oxygen bar" business card。We must keep forward thinking,We will develop key space areas,It is necessary to design the moving line reasonably,Meet tourism, accommodation, health care, negotiation, leisure and other needs,Maximizing space utilization;It is necessary to fully consider the practicality, comfort and convenience of various facilities such as hotel, office and tourism services,Further optimize the layout,Perfect function,Enhance its appeal to tourists,Enhance the reputation of the project。The decoration plan should pay attention to the effective connection with the architectural design, fully consider the functions of fire protection and security, and strictly implement the standards of low carbon and energy saving。With landscape engineering as the incision, we should strive to create a garden-like living environment, and strive to build the Shifogou eco-tourism demonstration Zone project into aA healthy place to live and visitNew city landmark。

Meeting requirement,We must continue to implement it step by step and promote it systematically,The design unit shall fully absorb the opinions of all parties on the basis,Further optimize the layout,Refine and improve the design scheme;All relevant units should strengthen coordination and cooperation,Do a good job of docking and communication with the design unit;It is necessary to first build a sale-based moving line design and create a model room,Carefully evaluate the target customer group,Prepare for project marketing and investment promotion,Lay a good foundation for the smooth operation of the project。

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