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Go all out to preserve the goal of HangDutch soldiers to the time forest venue and Lanshan extreme fly ball venue to carry out supervision and research on loss management

Source: Operations Management Department 2023-10-24 点击:

On October 23, Hanghebing, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of the group, led the team to the LAN Fairy Fairy Castle (Time Forest) venue and the Lanshan extreme fly ball venue to carry out project operation loss management supervision and business research guidance, and the person in charge of the Group's operations management department and relevant staff investigated together。

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Hang Hebing listened to the report on the operation of the blue fairy fairy Castle (time light forest) and the Blue Mountain extreme fly ball two venues this year,We have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the operating status of each venue from the aspects of the number of visitors, operating income, and implementation of preferential policies,The existing problems and difficulties are sorted out,And put forward specific requirements for the next stage of the stadium management and loss management work。

The Hang-Dutch soldiers demanded,一要Unify thought, raise position。All units should fully understand the importance and urgency of the loss control work, further give play to the initiative of the loss control work team, consolidate the work responsibility, and ensure that the loss control work is solid and detailed。二要Focus on the problem, continue to optimize and adjust the governance measures, and promote the implementation of deficit control measures。三要Strengthen precision marketing, for the target customer groups of each venue, take multiple measures to carry out publicity and promotion work, stimulate the market consumption potential。四要Further improve the quality of service, optimize management measures, in order to standardize the intensity and service temperature to improve tourist satisfaction。五要Strengthen the safety management of venues, further refine various safety control measures, prevent safety accidents, and ensure the safe and stable operation of venues。

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